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I believe in the added value that strategic planning delivers: better insights, more inspiration and a clear strategic route. And I am aware of the energy that is needed to maintain such a route once it has been chosen.

A ghostplanner is a “samurai” of the communications discipline: a fighter for his client and for good ideas. Absolute discretion and loyalty are his or her holy principles. To transform complex information into beautifully simple statements (Brand Planning) and inspiring ideas (Creative Planning) is his art.

I will defend our common ideas and strategies towards my client’s client, driven and skillfully, with the passion of a performer. Whenever my client wants to sell our common work to his client alone, the ghostplanner will turn into a ghost and leave the stage to him.

What ever the task: the ghostplanner is standing by the side of his client to support her with his knowledge, his instinct and all of his passion.

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